Best Electric Shaver for Men. What Choices are Available Nowadays?

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Razors were invented before the Bronze Age (the oldest razor-like object was discovered in 18,000 B.C.), but their modern analogue (the straight razor) was created in the 18th century. Electric razors were invented later, in 1930s. Nowadays, safety razors (both electric and non-electric) are commonly used by men and women. Companies, like Phillips, Braun, Novelco and Panasonic are considered to be the best electric shaver for men.

Electric razors

The electric or dry shavers have oscillating or rotating blades and they don’t require soap, water or shaving cream to be previously applied on the face. It is recommended to apply the aftershave, though, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Electric razors are powered by a small motor, which is powered by mains electricity or batteries. The earliest models had to be powered manually (for example, you would have to pull a cord to drive the flywheel). Many modern razors are powered by rechargeable batteries while others have an electro-mechanical oscillator, which is driven by an AC-energized solenoid. They are considered as best shavers due to their light weight, comfortable shaving, ease of use and cleaning.

The major manufacturers, such as Braun, Phillips and Panasonic (which are considered to be best electric razors) introduce new upgrades to the mechanism of their products regularly. If you’ll visit electric shaver reviews, you’ll see that each of those companies manufacture several generations of cutting mechanisms simultaneously so that they reach various price points. It doesn’t mean that you have to look for the priciest ones to know what the best electric razor is, because all the improvements will be included into the lower-priced models eventually.

Battery-powered electric razor guide

These razors became available since 1960s and their peculiarity was the fact that they had rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries (which were later substituted with nickel metal hydride ones) that were sealed inside their case. Modern razors use Lithium-ion batteries and are equipped with external or built-in charging devices. Some models are designed to plug-in directly into the rosette with a pop-up or a swing plug, while others have a detachable cord. Other models have recharging base units that are connected to the AC outlet (this model would be the best choice for people, who are afraid of having an electric shock, because it doesn’t need the AC to DC converter, which is usually installed inside the razor).
There is also a series of models that have removable rechargeable or disposable AA or AAA batteries. They’re called “travel shavers” and are very handy (especially if you travel a lot).

0 Best Electric Shaver for Men. What Choices are Available Nowadays?

Although electric shavers were originally designed for dry shaving only, there is a series of them that are designed for wet shaving. They allow you to use water and/or soap, but can be only used with batteries for electrical safety.
As you can see, it is very difficult to say which of the mentioned razors would be the best electric shaver for men. They all have their own advantages and have some features that others don’t, so you should consider how you will use them (at home or while travelling) to find the one that will suit you best.

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