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Hair clippers are specialized tools used to cut head hair. The principle of their work is quite the same as the one in scissors, but their blades differ from scissors and razors. There are two types of hair clippers available: the heavy, sturdy versions for professional that you can see in every barbershop or salon (they’re used for certain haircuts or correction) and lighter rechargeable home-use clippers. There is also a heavier version of hair clippers that are used to shear sheep and they’re called machine shears or handpieces.

It is pretty to find the best hair clippers, because people choose the right tool according to their interests. Indeed, you can visit many hair clippers reviews to find the best hair clippers for men, but there is no guarantee that you will handle the #1 hair clipper like professionals do. Both classes of clippers are great in their own way, but with different degrees of speed and ease.

Manual clippers

This kind of clippers is operated by a pair of handles, which are squeezed and released. They are often used by barbers to cut hair fast and close. Haircuts that were made by such clippers became popular among boys (especially in schools), in the military and prisons, but the process was a bit painful, because the hair was picked up in locks so the head was rapidly depilated. Nonetheless, they are considered to be the best barber clippers.

As time went on, the electric hair clippers became cheaper and this led to the increase of their popularity. Still, some barbers (especially in Western Countries), the Ukrainian and Russian Armies continue to use them and consider manual clippers as the best hair trimmers. Manual clippers are also extensively used by barbers in many countries (like India) to give short sides and back shortcuts.

Electric clippers

Electric (cordless or wireless) hair clippers have the identical mechanism as the manual ones, but are driven by an electric motor, which moves the blade from side to side. At some point they became so popular that they replaced manual clippers (especially in industrialized countries) and are considered as the most suitable for home use.

The first model of working electric clippers was built in early 1921 by Mathew Andis. That model successfully endured a wide range of performance tests and he opened his Andy Clipper Company in a year. The company entered the market in 1928, became an American standard and remains a family-held business even nowadays.

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Blade material

Blades of electric clippers are made of stainless steel or ceramic. Stainless steel is used, because it’s less prone to rusting (unlike normal steel). Ceramic blades are installed in high quality clippers only, because they conduct less heat, immune to rust, and remain cool after long use but are very fragile at the same time and cost more than their steel analogue. Anyway, electric clippers are considered as the best hair clippers for home use.

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